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Fremantle Dockers Rookie Surprise Inspection

Rookie: Hamish

Rookie: Hamish

According to Hamish Shepheard is a “versatile tall forward who has the ability to go back if needed and this was highlighted throughout the NAB AFL U18 Championships. Mobile for his size, reads the game well and has clean hands.”

He is tall. He can run (apparently to order). He has clean hands. Excellent. Good selection criteria there Freo. We’re sure to win a premiership now. Whilst the ‘scouts’ were admiring Hamish’s manicure, no one noticed he is clearly descendent of rat, if not actually some kind of were-rat. But maybe I’m being overly critical (again) comrade. Perhaps choosing young weedy rookies with rat powers might come in handy if the AFL keeps changing the rules. I can see NAB pre-season of the future (say 2020), where the home side can choose non conventional surfaces for the game. Freo of course will choose the rat infested docks of the Fremantle harbour. Having a giant rat-man on the team will seem like an uncanny advantage. But back in 2008 the selectors knew what they were doing… geniuses!


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