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Keith Richards prostitutes himself for fascist fashionistas

Keith Richards the Louis Vuitton High Class Hooker

Keith Richards the Louis Vuitton High Class Hooker

You are not hallucinating comrade. I had to look twice at huge billboard like this in the city, where new store is soon to be opening its doors. Louis Vuitton is pimping high class prostitute – Keith Richards.

My interweb research informs me he’s donating his fee to Al Gore’s Climate Project.

A good cause ya? But does that make it Ok? Does it forgive this monumental sellout? The real caption to the above image will make you vomit in your mouth… are you ready?

“Some journeys cannot be put into words. New York. 3 am. Blues in C.”

I like polka, and not keen on young people music, but Richards is considered a potent male celebrity of some substantial dirty-rock-rebel-legend status ya? Like a pirate ya? Sadly now, he’s saying it’s ok to buy this overpriced French crap. Not very “pirate-rock”, Richards!

I don’t know which is worst though: more people buying $1,000+ handbags and thinking they are a little more grungy-rock-cool (instead of dickheads – it’s just a bag for christsakes!) or; the Vuitton brand thinking people will ‘buy’ this newfound rock sensibility. Yeah Frenchy Vuitton execs I’m sure you are the real deal, just rocking out in your filthy, luxury, yachts o’ rock all the time! But I betchya stupid consumers will bite, chew and swallow it. God, how I hate those people!

According to French author, Stephanie Bonvicini, Louis Vuitton also bought the Nazi’s favour by actively supporting their puppet Vichy regime in France during WWII. I wonder if they gave their countrymen  matching luggage as they were being sent to concentration camps in Germany?

Now watch this painful video of “Rolling Stones Richards” prostituting himself in hotel room for Louis Vuitton the “King of bags”.

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