Learning = Excellent

Learning = Excellent

school sucks.


2 Responses to “Learning = Excellent”

  1. October 2, 2007 at 12:11 pm

    First Time Commentator, Long Time Reader 😉

    I used to have a math teacher in school…Mr ‘Richooo’ Richardson. Before every class, he would write up his ‘rules for safety and learning’ on the white board.

    Whilst I have blanked out those traumatic memories…I do recall some flashbacks of the rules…

    #1) Raise your hand before getting out of your seat

    #2) Raise your hand to seek permission to go to the toilet

    #3) Raise your hand to ask a question

    #4) No talking

    #5) Do not use the back of the book for answers

    No, I’m not making that up. And yes, most kids sited severe cases of RSI in their shoulders due to numerous hand-raising gestures.

    And this was when Boris was alive…

  2. 2 luckyborisyeltsinisdead
    October 2, 2007 at 8:51 pm

    Comrade Steve,

    I’m glad we could help you re-live some of your painful bad teacher memories.
    But i didn’t see you raise you hand before you had that flashback!

    My flashback involves Mr Rogers – a Liverpoolian Social Studies teacher who so intimidated me I hated him. He had a lot of hate to share for a Catholic College! Anyway flashback: When Mr Rogers *spits* caught me talking in class he made me stand close a wall with my nose touching the wall – so not that close really 😉 but it was humiliating.

    Gee some teachers are on fucked up power trips.

    Lucky Boris Yeltsin is Dead Mr Rogers!

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