Those GenY bastards and their “happy world” [TM].

the GenY dream...

Those GenY bastards are erasing all stories that don’t belong in their “happy world” [TM].

Apparently they are hitting backspace on the whole of human history unless it fits into the 56 characters of their next SMS. Important stuff like Hiroshima, the AIDS epidemic and the fall of the Berlin Wall doesn’t affect their friend ranking on Johnny Football hero’s MySpace so they simple leave it out.

They also don’t believe the sky will ever fall on them because we have always had lots of cash lying around, under the mattress… you know… stuff, like the Toyota Yaris Papa will buy them when they get their driver’s license! What’s wrong with ancient Datsuns? I spit! Anyway, as far as GenY goes, our economy is perpetually growing stronger and the stock market will always be a bull, born in Pamplona.

What they need is a good old fashioned war (I’d even settle for a depression), where their ongoing survival isn’t so guaranteed and maybe throw in a good shalacking for good measure. In my day we did it with beetroot. The purple add a dramatic stain to the bruises. Nice.

My what a grumpy communist I’m being on my first blog post. Oh well fuck it.


Lucky Boris Yeltsin Is Dead!


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